Post 110 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Taiwan Royal Country Club was Attracted to US Design

International architectural design styles have spread around the world

Developers from other countries tour US facilities to search for desirable features and success stories. A Taiwan golf development company was introduced to a Hirsch New Jersey country club design and retained the firm to master plan its grand clubhouse. An important aspect of the task was to incorporate the US esthetic trends and building code standards. Golf is a sport the transcends cultural differences.

Lesson Learned:

Playing 18 holes of golf can contribute to world peace.

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Post 109 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

St Paul Lutheran Church Celebrates a New Sanctuary

Church Architecture Inspires the Eyes and the Soul

It’s a rewarding experience for an architect to be a member of a church and be given the opportunity to design its new sanctuary. My family has participated in church life for many years and speak with pride about the impact it has had on their view of the world. There have been many opportunities to influence the life of other congregations through visioning and architectural design. Places of worship contribute to the growth and vitality of its community.

Lesson Learned:

For centuries, religious architecture has had a significant impact on the history and inspiration of all people.

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Post 108 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

A Private School Transforms with a New Public Image

Changed from a back road access to a primary road

St Andrews School in Boca Raton grew in reputation from a quite prep school to a prominent world class boarding school. The new connection to Jog Road gave a new face and access for the community to see with pride. Changing the master plan from the primary East access to a West access helped the school’s image as a significant educational institution.


Every organization arrives at a point when they must advance to the next level. A professional planner can help to see the future.

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Post 107 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

How does a company enter the US market?

Identify a desirable community for your employees.

Building a reputation for quality products is at the heart of a successful company. British based History & Heraldry searched for the right combination of location and trusted professionals to begin the planning and construction of their US distribution headquarters. It’s local representative and his trusted architect began the process of finding the perfect property and designing the site plan. Identifying the office spaces, product distribution and warehouse spaces had to be balanced with the number of parking spaces. The building design had to make a statement reflecting the corporate brand.

Lesson Learned:

Look for an architect with extensive construction management and development experience to bring all the complex components together.

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Post 106 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

JA World Huizenga Center

A successful team effort to meet a great educational need

It took vision, courage and persistence for the Junior Achievement CEO to know how an unusual building could make such a great difference in the lives of children. JA World is an example of many dedicated community leaders who visited similar facilities were inspired to make their own happen in Broward County, Florida. All 50,000 5th and 8th grade students now experience BizTown and Finance Park (video link) to learn financial literacy.

Lesson Learned:

The architect can create concept designs and renderings to inspire private donors and volunteers to rally around the project vision.

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Create value with your additional

Post 105 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Successful Addition

Build a new residence or plan an addition

Questions to ask: 1. Importance of existing location?. 2. Percentage of existing construction to remain?. 3. Area of new construction to be added?.

This residence in Boca Grove Country Club is an example where the existing location was preferred. The front elevation needed to look like a new residence and the additional area was added to the second floor which gives an appearance of a very large home.

Lesson Learned:

Have a professional help you evaluate the alternatives.

Front door. Create value with your additional
New foyer
Master shower. Create value with your additional
New master shower
Create value with your additional
Addition BEFORE

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