JA World Huizenga Center, Broward College Construction Process

The 59,000 SF facility includes space for two 10,000 SF identical areas for the 5th grade “Biztown” programs and one 20,000 SF space for the 8th grade “Finance Park” program. It serves more than 50,000 students each year. There are extensive training rooms for the staff, volunteers and public events in addition to the Hall of Fame, administrative and auxiliary functions. The Biztown “streetscape interior” required a youthful fun environment which was created by Daddona Studios. The project was designed in close cooperation with the Stiles construction management team. The structural system incorporated a Tilt-wall design. Hirsch was the prime professional providing comprehensive architectural services through the design and construction process.

Lesson Leaned: Great projects are created by inspired teams.




Watch the sequence of steps from demolition to new guardhouse design. It is desirable for the architect to be part of the design-build team. The home owners association and general contractor worked hand and hand with the architect. The team approach results in a higher quality project. Residents were able to access the alternate entrance while the construction was in progress. The value of the homes in the community expect to increase in value. The design also has a positive public impact for the three decade old country club. This project architect Ken Hirsch provided the community amenity design in the early 1980’s. Hirsch knows that design styles change over the years. However there are some basic design concepts that never change; proportion, composition and detail. The architect’s skill is using the ingredients of form, function, materials and colors to fulfill the current architectural trends.

Lesson Learned: The money allocated for the guardhouse project will be an investment in the community and each home owners property value.

Low profile office building

Post 113 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Design Creativity Occurs When Unusual Requirements Exist

It’s magic when a three story building looks like a two story building

Boca Grove Office Building was a challenging design problem. How to create a three story building that would fit in with the surrounding residential community. Solution was to slope the parking area half way up the first floor so that you go down 7 steps to the entrance of the first level. The third floor was incorporated into the roof profile with only the windows visible in the roof profile.

Lesson Learned: Creativity comes from an unusual set of requirements. Embrace the challenge.

Post 111 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

The Seasons Clubhouse Invites the Residents to a Better Lifestyle

Maintain the character, impress family and friends

Residential communities often have clubhouses with a range of activities for the residents. One of the most popular features is the fitness center and if there is none, eventually the residents vote to pay for the addition. The architects challenge is to design the new space so that it maintains the character of the original facility and enhances the overall impact of the community amenity.

Lesson Learned: The architect must listen closely to the vision of the residents.

Post 110 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Taiwan Royal Country Club was Attracted to US Design

International architectural design styles have spread around the world

Developers from other countries tour US facilities to search for desirable features and success stories. A Taiwan golf development company was introduced to a Hirsch New Jersey country club design and retained the firm to master plan its grand clubhouse. An important aspect of the task was to incorporate the US esthetic trends and building code standards. Golf is a sport the transcends cultural differences.

Lesson Learned:

Playing 18 holes of golf can contribute to world peace.

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Post 109 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

St Paul Lutheran Church Celebrates a New Sanctuary

Church Architecture Inspires the Eyes and the Soul

It’s a rewarding experience for an architect to be a member of a church and be given the opportunity to design its new sanctuary. My family has participated in church life for many years and speak with pride about the impact it has had on their view of the world. There have been many opportunities to influence the life of other congregations through visioning and architectural design. Places of worship contribute to the growth and vitality of its community.

Lesson Learned:

For centuries, religious architecture has had a significant impact on the history and inspiration of all people.

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