JA World Huizenga Center, Broward College Construction Process

The 59,000 SF facility includes space for two 10,000 SF identical areas for the 5th grade “Biztown” programs and one 20,000 SF space for the 8th grade “Finance Park” program. It serves more than 50,000 students each year. There are extensive training rooms for the staff, volunteers and public events in addition to the Hall of Fame, administrative and auxiliary functions. The Biztown “streetscape interior” required a youthful fun environment which was created by Daddona Studios. The project was designed in close cooperation with the Stiles construction management team. The structural system incorporated a Tilt-wall design. Hirsch was the prime professional providing comprehensive architectural services through the design and construction process.

Lesson Leaned: Great projects are created by inspired teams.

Post 106 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

JA World Huizenga Center

A successful team effort to meet a great educational need

It took vision, courage and persistence for the Junior Achievement CEO to know how an unusual building could make such a great difference in the lives of children. JA World is an example of many dedicated community leaders who visited similar facilities were inspired to make their own happen in Broward County, Florida. All 50,000 5th and 8th grade students now experience BizTown and Finance Park (video link) to learn financial literacy.

Lesson Learned:

The architect can create concept designs and renderings to inspire private donors and volunteers to rally around the project vision.

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Post 101 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Investing Time with Nonprofits

Building community goodwill is a win-win.

Assisting a nonprofit, “pro-bono” to inspire a property owner to pursue this mixed-use campus is very challenging. The community will be for those with and without developmental disabilities. It’s designed to promote independence, a sense of belonging, and incorporate experiential programs that encourage residents to learn, grow and enjoy as they age.

Junior Achievement Huizenga Center at Broward College is an example of a nonprofit that successfully used this process.

Lesson Learned:

Nonprofits need help in communicating their vision. The architect’s  rendering makes it easier to tell the story and raise funds.

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