• Strategic Planning – a professionally facilitated process of collaborative problem solving and consensus building by stakeholders to create a project’s vision. The event is called “visioning”.
  • Programming – assemble information to define the building’s vision, purpose, functions and relationships.
  • Master Planning – provide comprehensive analysis, use identification and illustrative plans for large, complex projects.
  • Site Planning – provide planning and team management of specialty consultants such as civil engineers, environmental engineers and landscape architects.
  • Design Concepts – provide creative design alternatives to graphically express the client’s vision.
  • Construction Documents – produce drawings that reflect the preliminary design concept that enables the general contractor to construct the design as envisioned.
  • Construction Administration – represent the owner and provide input to the general contractor during the construction process to complete the design intent.
  • Consulting Services – any special scope of work that requires architectural problem solving, identification of a path to resolve an issue or owner representation to manage a project’s design and construction.

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