Watch the sequence of steps from demolition to new guardhouse design. It is desirable for the architect to be part of the design-build team. The home owners association and general contractor worked hand and hand with the architect. The team approach results in a higher quality project. Residents were able to access the alternate entrance while the construction was in progress. The value of the homes in the community expect to increase in value. The design also has a positive public impact for the three decade old country club. This project architect Ken Hirsch provided the community amenity design in the early 1980’s. Hirsch knows that design styles change over the years. However there are some basic design concepts that never change; proportion, composition and detail. The architect’s skill is using the ingredients of form, function, materials and colors to fulfill the current architectural trends.

Lesson Learned: The money allocated for the guardhouse project will be an investment in the community and each home owners property value.

Post 114 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Residential Community Timeless Appeal

Each community has its own identity that the residents call home

How to design a classic look that is durable. The entrance to the residential community of Les Jardin in Boca Raton has very unique walls. There are several ways to create a “molding” appearance but the highest quality and most distinctive was to have the concrete block custom designed and manufactured with the profile as part of the mold.

Lesson Learned: The initial cost can be justified knowing it will last for more than 200 years.

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Post 110 – Personal Stories of an Architect’s Journey

Taiwan Royal Country Club was Attracted to US Design

International architectural design styles have spread around the world

Developers from other countries tour US facilities to search for desirable features and success stories. A Taiwan golf development company was introduced to a Hirsch New Jersey country club design and retained the firm to master plan its grand clubhouse. An important aspect of the task was to incorporate the US esthetic trends and building code standards. Golf is a sport the transcends cultural differences.

Lesson Learned:

Playing 18 holes of golf can contribute to world peace.

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